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Triple 4 CBD Crystal Glitter Ashtray

Triple 4 CBD Crystal Glitter Ashtray


Get ready to impress with the Triple 4 CBD Crystal Glitter Ashtray. It's a unique accessory that is sure to draw attention. Crafted from durable resin, this ashtray features glitter engraved within it and a beveled edge which gives it a brilliant crystal look. Add some personality to your table or countertop! 


This eye-catching ashtray will make an ideal addition to home and office spaces alike. Not only is it functional, but its stylish design will complement any décor seamlessly. The mix of subtle glitter and bright beveled edges makes for a stunning visual – perfect for creating an eye-grabbing centerpiece wherever you choose to use it! 


Designed for convenience and safety, the sturdy surface ensures no hot ashes can pass through over time, making cleaning up easy as ever. And because of its lightweight frame, you won't have to worry about carrying something bulky from place to place – just grab it, go and enjoy! Upgrade your smoking experience today with the Triple 4 CBD Crystal Glitter Ashtray!